Some of Our Favorite Internet Links

RNR Designs
RNR Designs is a local firm located in Boise, Idaho. Bob Young, the owner and designer, has been designing Web Pages for several years. His rates are very reasonable and he is always available and helpful. If you want someone with patience and good design skills, give him a call.
JiffyNet Hosting
If you want reasonable rates and a professional Hosting Service, this is the place to start. They offer most of the services that others do, but at affordable rates for the home user.
Idaho State Historical Society
Barbara's place of employment, she is a Financial Specialist. This Department's mission is to educate through the identification, preservation, and interpretation of Idaho's cultural heritage.
Department of Labor
This is where I work as an IT Systems Integration Analyst Sr. (that's a mouthful for a title). It means, I program computers and do as I'm told. It's a great place to work and all the staff are friendly, helpful and proficient in their respected positions.
Google Search Engine
You want the best search around. Just try this one, you'll like it. Many search engines return results based on how often keywords appear in a website. Google is different. Google has developed an advanced search technology that involves a series of simultaneous calculations typically occurring in under half a second-without human intervention. At the heart of this technology is PageRankô technology and hypertext-matching analysis developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google's search architecture also is scalable, which enables us to continue to index the Internet as it expands.
Your trading community. You can buy or sell anything. It's fun..
Greeting Cards
Free registration and then free greeting cards for all occasions. It's fun to create cards to send to anyone.
Photo Works
There are lots of film developing places on the Web and locally, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Albertsons and many others. They send you two prints, one CD, a roll of replacement film, and on-line storage for your developed film, most of the others do too. There's is around $ 17.00 which includes shipping, the others are close on price. This one allows you to upload pictures that they did not develop for free. This one keeps your pictures forever, the others delete them after a period of time. The only rule to this is that you must have one roll of film developed every six months.
Vista Print
250 colored business cards - free, and they have plenty of templates to choose from. If you want reasonable rates for all printing needs, this is the place start. They offer most of the services that others do, but at affordable rates for the home user.

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