Our High School Friends

Oakland High School - 1960
The Pink Prison.
How do you like High School pictures? These are from the Oakland High School Oaken Bucket of 1960. These are copied from Dale's Yearbook since my was stolen. Hold your Mouse over the picture and you'll get as much information as we have about that person. Left click on the picture and you'll get the picture itself. Right click on the picture and you can save it to your computer.
Lars - Class of 1960 - 09/27/1942.  Married to Barbara Kimbriel.  Living in Boise, Idaho Bev - Class of 1960 - xx/xx/1942.  Living in Modesto, California Charlene - Class of 1960 - xx/xx/1942.  Location unknown. Dale - Class of 1960 - 12/05/1942.  Living in Newman, California.  Wife Regina. Jackie - Class of 1960 - xx/xx/1942.  Living in Pioneer, California. Phil - Class of 1960 - xx/xx/1942  Location unknown. Tom - Class of 1960 - xx/xx/1942.  I heard he might be in Hong Kong.  Married, two girls, youngest 12.  Living in San Marino, California Wayne - Class of 1960 - xx/xx/1942.  Location unknown. Jerry Teague - Class of 1959 - xx/xx/1941.  Location unknown. Clifford DeMarie - Class of 1962(?) - School unknown.  Location unknown.  We worked on cars together.

Marilyn Cook's Home Room Class of 1961 Picture

Barbara Kimbriel's Home Room Class of 1962 Picture

Barbara's High School Sophmore Picture. Class of 1962 - 05/22/1944.  Married to Lars Hansen.  Living in Boise, Idaho. Marilyn's High School Junior Picture.  Class of 1961 - xx/xx/194x.  Living in Layton, Utah.  Wayne Wilson's girlfriend, I think.

Dale and I found each other after 40 years through Classmates.com. Dale and I found Jackie through the same Web Page. We could even add some of our favorite teachers. If you let us know, we will add as many pictures as you would like.

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