Our Photographs

Old Camera Picture
The camera is as old as we are, but it still works just fine. Just like us.
Rather than adding a lot of text associated with each picture, we have added a description for each picture. Just hold your mouse/cursor over the desired picture and the description of the picture will appear. We feel that this method makes the photograph pages look cleaner. You won't have to look at the description unless you really want to. Try it on the picture of the camera above. It will show a description of "Old Camera Picture" when you position the cursor on the picture. Also, if you click on the picture, you will get a larger image of the picture for better viewing. Then just using your back button will take you back to the full page of pictures.
This will be just an index page to pictures from some of our activities and adventures.

Our Wedding - December 19, 1999
Square Dancing
Our Family
Our High School Friends
Our Friends
Down Memory Lane - Winnemucca, Nevada - September 22-24, 2001
Office Picnic and Lars' 60th Birthday - September 27, 2002

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